1963 Foundation of Murrplastik GmbH by Horst Hölzl and Andreas Fröhlich as a production facility for plastic household articles.

1983 Specialization in the overmolding of metal parts for plastics production. High unit quantities are produced for the automotive industry using loading/unloading robots developed in-house.

1984 Development and patent application of the first openable energy guide chain.

1986 Development of the first computer-aided characterization system (ACS) for single conductors, terminals and switching devices.

1990 Construction of a production faciity for corrugated piping and tubes.

1992 Separation of the firm into Murrplastik Produktionstechnik (Murrplastik Production Technology) focusing on fully automatic plastics production in high volumes and Murrplastik Systemtechnik (Murrplastik Systems Technology) which focuses on the worldwide sales and distribution of our own products for machinery and plant engineering.

1994 Foundation of the subsidiary Murrplastik Kunststofftechnik (Murrplastik Plastics Technology) in Falkenstein / Saxony with a large toolmaking department and injection molding production.

2005 Foundation of the subsidiary Murrplastik Hungaria Kft. in Ózd / Hungary

2007 ISO TS 16949 Certification

2008 Murrplastik Kunststofftechnik GmbH: Inauguration of the new production facility with Class 8 clean room production.

2009 Renaming of Murrplastik Kunststofftechnik GmbH as Murrplastik Medizintechnik (Medical Technology) GmbH

2010 DIN ISO 14001 Certification

2010 First completely in-house developed plastic motor valve for cooling water circuits goes into series production.

2011 Murrplastik Produktionstechnik GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic pneumatic actuators for the European automotive industry.

2012 First plastic pneumatic valve sealed on both sides for cooling water circuits goes into series production.

2012 First pneumatic wastegate actuator made of plastic goes into series production.

2013 Murrplastik celebrates its 50th anniversary. New innovative products such as a pneumatic actuator with position feedback. Electric water valves with fail safe.

2014 Foundation of MIT Murrplastik Innovationstechnik GmbH

2016 Start into the silicone injection molding technology

2017 Further development of the 2k injection molding technology